Center for Children And Public Policy
About the Center
Early in the process of helping children who were victims of abuse and neglect it became clear that to effectively help abused and neglected children one needed two important tools.

First, were laws that required state agencies to respond to the needs of these children; physical safety, medical and psychological services coupled with supportive case management and planning. Second, was the funding to provide those same agencies the necessary resources coupled with proper oversight and accountability to do the job effectively.

The Foundation chartered the "Center" with the intent of seeking the most qualified experts in the fields of medicine, law enforcement, legislative issues, training and education, policy analysis and human services as they related to these children. Today, we have experts on call in all of these areas.

An ongoing development of training programs was initiated for service providers and law enforcement. Today these programs have been used by law enforcement agencies, hospitals, social service providers and educators to further their abilities to protect and to serve the needs of these children.

Additionally, legislative experts began to look at laws and various appropriations and funding sources. As a result the "Center" now has on call consultants who can perform legislative needs assessments, assist in drafting legislation, identify potential sources of funding and work as educational consultants to members of your state legislature and national delegation.

We have found that our representatives in state and national government all want to do what is in the best interest of children. What they need is factual, non-partisan, non-political driven information to assist them in their deliberations.

Recently, Dr. Leach, on behalf of the "Center" provided testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on issues regarding children and Methamphetamine production in rural communities.

The "Center" prides itself on the quality of it's "Knowledge based Solutions" to Public Policy Issues.