Our Program Philosophy

Since 1993 the Board and Officers of the Foundation have taken the stand that our children and our families are the most important resource in America.

Our mission is to protect, serve and promote this valuable resource locally as well as nationally.

To that end we have developed the following local and national programs:


In 1994 a group of professionals from various disciplines got together under the leadership of the Foundation and formed athe Carroll County Multidisciplinary Team" which would assist in the investigation of child abuse and neglect allegations, provide tracking of the process, ensure maximum services were provided to the victims and protect the child from additional system trauma which often occurs in complex medical and legal actions.

The "Team" which coordinates all cases of severe child maltreatment was approved by the State and has continuously operated since. It is one of the oldest of the 30 teams presently operating in Arkansas.

Our "Team" has dedicated child abuse and neglect specialists from the: Prosecutor's Office, Sheriffs Office, Eureka Springs - Berryville and Green Forest Police Departments, Victim Witness Coordinator, Carroll Regional Medical Center, Berryville - Eureka Springs and Green Forest Schools, Department of Human Services, Division of Children and Family Services, Arkansas State Police - Crimes Against Children Division and Dr. Leach who acts as coordinator.

This "Team" ensures minimum system trauma to the child, maximum social, mental health and medical services for the child victim and non-offending family members as well as a multidimentional approach to case prosecution.

In 2007 the Foundation, with assistance from the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse established additional "Teams" in Madison, Boone and Newton Counties in Arkansas. This increased investigations of severe abuse by over 250 children per year.

The "Team" has as its primary goal, the best interest and safety of the child victim.

The "Team" tracks and advises on the case from first report to final court disposition.

In July of 2010 in agreement with the Foundation, the State of Arkansas  the sole responsibility for all MDT Teams was transfered to Michelle Steiner our Executive Director.


One of only four State Approved Child Fatality Teams in Arkansas, this group of professionals, many whom also serve on the Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team, investigates all cases of death occurring between birth and 18 years of age.

Although often thought of as looking for signs of abuse or maltreatment, this team also looks for public health and safety issues affecting our children.

The "Team Goal" is to provide the state and the public with useful information which can be converted into action to prevent the needless death of our valuable resource - our children.
This "Team" operates under a State Contract of Citizen Review Panels.


The Family Support Center is located in Green Forest Arkansas. It serves the children and families of NW Arkansas with many programs and support services during times of need. These services include, in addition to the services listed below; food, shelter and clothing.


The Foundation provides nationally accredited parenting classes to all families in the area at no or minimal cost. We use the "Active Parenting" nationally recognized materials and nationally certified instructors.

We feel one of the best child abuse and neglect prevention measures is quality parenting skills. We strive to help all parents in the area become better at this difficult task.


The Carroll County "TEA Coalition" provided each of our three school districts and the Foundation with these life-like computerized dolls for use by teenage and adolescent children. They are designed to give the student the experience of caring for a very real-acting and behaving infant.

As part of a statewide effort to reduce the high rate of teen pregnancy - Arkansas is number two per capita in the nation - this program has proven successful.

The Foundation feels that early parenthood is a factor in abuse and neglect. We feel this is an integral part of our prevention effort.

The Foundation provides parents and the children who are home-schooled, teens with special needs and summer availability of this useful tool.


Begun in 2001, with funding from the Susan G. Komen Foundation, this program of outreach education and mammogram screening has been very successful.

Working with rural women, women in shelters and other women who do not have health insurance and are within 185% of the federal poverty guidelines, we provide free mammogram screening and breast health services for the women in Carroll and Madison Counties.

Each year we provide educational materials and training to over 1000 women and mammograms for 200 women who are at risk.

In 2015 the portion of this program funded by Susan G. Komen, Ozark Affiliate was turned over to NAPHE of Harrison, AR. Patient financial assistance provided by our Foundation Supporters continues.

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The Foundation has a fully operational Children's Advocacy Center, known as "Grandma's House". This safe, child-friendly facility is the home of  the Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team. It provides forensic interviews, medical care and counseling services for child victims and non-offending family members.

The facility is based on the national model developed by the National Children's Alliance.

The Center serves Carroll and Madison Counties of Arkansas with the capacity to help over 150 children each year.

In July of 2010 a new Grandma's House was added in Harrison, AR. The larger population and availibilty of financial resorces has made this a major success. It included a complete Pediatric Sexual Assault Center. Although it operated as a seperate nonprofit the partnership serves six counties as a joint effort. In addition to being the Executive Director of the Foundation Michelle Steiner is the Executive Director of the new CAC. Combined both centers can serve over 300 children per year.


Operating out of the Children's Advocacy Center this is a fully operational Drug Endangered Children's Unit. The Unit is used to pick-up children at the site of Methamphetamine Lab seizures. As a "Rapid Response" Unit, it is called in by Law Enforcement as soon as the crime scene is secure. The children are taken into care and provided full decontamination, medical services and a safe environment. This is a joint operation of Law Enforcment, Arkansas State Police, Drug Enforcement Administration, Arkansas Department of Human Services, St. John's Hospital and the Center.

The shift from clandestine meth labs to imported Meth, mainly from Mexico, reduces the demand for this unit. With some modifications it now serves our film/video division.


See our Policy Center page for information on this important division which provides services locally, statewide and nationally.

Film and Video Production Program

In 2008 the Directors realized that today's children and young adults responded to video and story in developing habits and awareness of issues. This coupled with Dr. Leach and Anita Engert owning a film and production company, asked for and received the company, "Itty Bitty Productions" as a donation.

The new unit immediately began a training/prevention video designed to raise awareness of and reduce the frequency of distracted driving. In 2010 the new film "Text to Death" was adopted and used by every high school in Arkansas, Arkansas Children's Hospital; Injury Prevention Program and the Criminal Justice Institute's; School Resource Officer Program.

Recently the Foundation has begun work on a "Teen Pregnancy" Documentary to help reduce the Teen Pregnancy rates. In 2013 Arkansas led the nation in Teen Pregnancy rate on a per 100000 basis.  The Foundation has also produced several other projects  where other nonprofit organizations have a small annual budget (under $50,000) and no ability to add film and video to their mission.

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